triple Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose any place (gym) for training and come any time?

Feel free to – we will be happy to welcome you in any place of ours that fits you most. You may start practising any time of the year. Just contact us via e-mail or by phone. We will then be able to tell you more about the current capacities in the individual gyms.

What do I need for my first training session?

For your first training session it is enough to bring pants, a T-Shirt with long sleeves, slippers and a bottle for drinking. We practise barefoot on special mats. If you need socks because of health-related issues, you may bring white socks and put them on.

My physical condition is not good and I cannot do a somersault or a fall. I have seen photos of big falls. Will you make me fall in a similar way too? Do you think it would all right for me?

You need not worry. Everything is going to be explained to you methodically step by step. You will practise according to your own needs and abilities.

If I already tried an Aikido training and came to a decision to start practising in your club, what should I do next?

Every new member is supposed to register themselves via our registration form on our website. Your registration password will be given to you during a training session. At the same time you will receive a bank account number which you are to send your membership fee to.

Where could I purchase a kimono and weapons for Aikido?

A kimono and weapons may be obtained in our club on Vranovská 4 in Bratislava, in the premises of the Fitness Centre, contact: +421 2/63813182.

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