To fight the other and win – brings only a relative victory. Not to fight and still win – brings absolute victory. Sooner or later, a relative victory will inevitably lead to defeat. When you are learning how to become strong, you also have to learn how to avoid fighting. If you learn what it is like to throw your opponent and then what it is like to be thrown – and are happy about both – helping each other to learn to perform techniques correctly, you will proceed faster.

Prospective members of Kurilla Dojo Traditional Aikido Club are invited to come to join us for their first free training at the venue & time which suits them best.

If you liked the first training and decide to practice Aikido, just put on comfortable pants, a long-sleeve shirt, bring a spare pair shoes, a towel and something to drink. Students train barefoot on a special mat. You should be at the gym no later than 15 minutes before the session is scheduled to start. During summer holidays, a special training schedule is in place. No trainings are held on bank holidays; there are no children trainings during summer break.

During their first trainings, beginners are assigned to advanced students in order to learn the basics, especially fall techniques. For those interested in tailored courses, individual trainings with Slovak, English, and Russian-speaking instructors are available.

We practice Aikido at five different gyms. There are 9 and 8 training sessions per week for adults and children, respectively. You can join the Club at any date; however, we recommend that you do this in September and February. As for membership fees, a total of three formulas are available (1, 5 or 10 months). Membership entitles you to take as many sessions as possible at all gyms. Training uniforms (keiko gi) and weapons are available at the shop at 4 Vranovská St. (fitness center) in Bratislava.

It is entirely up to you how far you will get and how much you will achieve.


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